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About Dimlaj

Dimlaj is a word that shows the beauty of ancient Arabic, meaning both the mastering of jewelry and the perfection of its arts.

Our products are created only with the highest quality materials, producing authentic designs that enrich your Food & Beverage setup with beauty.

Our Story

Imagine being in a jewelry workshop, turning a precious jewel between your fingers, admiring its mysterious colors and mesmerized by its sparkle and the precision of its details. While you are in this state you see a great steady older man who is elegant and whose face is filled with wrinkles. You instantly realize that he is the workshop’s owner and that he has spent his entire life there working on this trade. At the first glance this man will appear to be sharp and elegant, but while you observe and contemplate the wrinkles in this face which reflects the amount of hard work and effort he has put in throughout the years, you are absolutely charmed by a bright smile and a welcoming eye. You can’t help but light up in the face as you look at the marvelous jewel within your hand and the smile filling up that warm face.

It is only within a moment that you realize how hard this man has worked creating this fine jewel in order to reward himself with this awed look from you which blends with amazement and happiness. An amazement resulting from the beauty of this jewel and happiness resulting from the warm welcoming visage.This is our job, duty and aim at Dimlaj. To work long and hard to offer only the best, in order to bring out this look of amazement and happiness on the faces of our consumers. Dimlaj has worked throughout the decades through us and through generations past with such effort on its products, its brand and its reputation in order to finally be able to offer this selection of well-designed and intricate designs. This is our way to offer beauty and love to you. Not to ever neglect or forget that the word Dimlaj means the enrichment and mastering of a creation.

Dimlaj was established in 1954, Dimlaj has expanded to serve a wide network of customers at both the regional and international levels. Across the GCC and MENA regions; Dimlaj has become a pillar in the Hospitality business. Dimlaj has also partnered with the world's top Food & Beverage service brands such as: Pasabahce, Efay, Sola, Arcos and many more.

Our product lines cover Food storage, Transportation and Presentation. At the heart of our methodology is our willingness to listen and we owe all our success to our customers. Our long-term vision in a competitive field for 60 years certainly proves the value of that methodology, and we are proud to have earned the loyalty of customers in all segments of the industry.


The enrichment of products and services through hard work, craftsmanship and mastery of creation.


Staying true to our name and aiming to enrich our products and services, where our duty must always be to progress and improve with each task, product and design.


Superior Performance

Through our historical know-how, we are able to apply all our methods in order to be able to stay true to enriching and enhancing all our creations. With our good connections we need not start from zero with anything we create.


By always coming up with new ideas that will appeal to the tastes of our customers while also always providing them with an extra sense of style and enrichment.


We stay true to our customers and connect with them by always being on top, perpetually enhancing and improving anything we create.


By humanly supporting all the communities we exist in.