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5 Tips to create the perfect bridal registry?

How to create the perfect bridal registry?

We’re just kidding, there’s no such thing as a perfect bridal registry, but we can help you try making one! If it’s one thing we realize it’s how hectic it is to be a bride and having to choose a million tiny details when it comes to everything, from your dress to your party and most importantly, to your home. We’re here to help you out at least in one of those parts. We will attempt to make this experience easy and enjoyable for you! Read here for the ultimate guide on how to plan your wedding registry;

  • Set out your needs.

It’s probably the first time you’re actually exposed to having to choose all items for your new home! It’s exciting and you want to get all the pretty things you’ve ever dreamed of or pinned on Pinterest but now that you actually have to do this it feels a bit difficult. You realize you’ve only ever thought it was about pretty mugs and never actually thought about how many different items home and a kitchen actually need. Some are decorative while others are functional. It’s very easy to get caught up in wanting everything because we know how pretty all these pieces can be. But start off by looking at your home, how big it is, do you expect to be having over a lot of guests? Write down your functional needs.


  • Decide on the style you want.

The second dilemma you will probably be facing is that you will like a lot of styles and they could all be very beautiful, but very different and unlike. And no one wants a weird combination of a simultaneously modern and vintage home now do they? The nice thing about this is that depending on the division of the rooms in your home, you can actually decide that some rooms will have a different style and you will find that it actually works. Deciding on a general style for your home will help lay down the foundation for all your choices, this way, you can even decide on the decorative styles you’d like for all your tableware needs. However, this does not mean that it is a rule. As we mentioned before, you can decide either for a unified style for your entire home or you can decide on having different styles for different rooms so that you can create everything you’ve dreamed of for your home, a bit of this and a bit of that.


  • Quantities

After deciding on the functionalities and style, it’s time for you to decide on quantities, how social are you and your significant other? How big is your extended family? Do you expect to have a lot of guests over? Decide on your needed quantities and you’re all set, now let your imagination roam and choose whatever items your heart desires.


  • Decide which items are going on the list

Now that you know what items you’d like to have for your home, it’s time to decide which items actually go on the bridal registry and which items you’re going to buy yourself. Which items are more suitable to be gifted and which are more functional ones that you can just buy and actually need to have on hand as soon as you move into your new home?


  • Enjoy the experience

It’s very important for you to not get stressed out about this whole experience and forget to have fun. It’s very easy to get caught up in all the details related to your wedding party and new home and get too stressed about all the details which would make you forget all the fun. Keep reminding yourself of all the memories you will be making in your new home and how lovely it will all be! Also, take someone along who is fun and will not stress you out.


Good luck and happy shopping!

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