A trend we’ve all come to know and love is the art of cheeseboards. Whether it’s for entertaining guests or simply having a nice night at home, we all seem to adore them!

You might prefer getting the ready-made boards but we love curating all details of our home to our taste and this is no exception. It is fun, aesthetic, and it definitely pleases everyone around!

This Valentine’s Day, why not opt for a nice dinner at home, where you can make dinner and surprise your loved one with a beautifully constructed board customized for the occasion?

Here are a few ideas to help spark your creativity;

  • Pink and Red!

The nice thing about themes is they make things so much easier to work with and so much more aesthetically pleasing! For this, your board will probably be more centered on sweet snacks than savory options seeing as you should be going for things like pink/red sweets and pastries. Donuts and cookies are a wonderful idea, you can also head to the nearest market and get yourself an assortment of pink/red packaged candies and chocolates! Choose fruits whose colors go perfectly with the occasion, strawberries are your best friend! Don’t be afraid to mix and match things either. You can serve both sweet and savory snacks on the same platter say if you’d like to incorporate some cold cuts and beef jerky, which would go perfectly with the colored theme! Just make sure that you have a clear separation on the board between your salts and your sweets, for food safety reasons of course!

  • Theme it!

Your board doesn’t necessarily have to be all pink and red but it can still incorporate a theme for Valentine’s Day where you can place things in shapes of hearts and actually have cute little notes on your board. Spread out your cheeses and cold cuts in the shapes of hearts and arrows. It will scream out Valentine’s Day but it will definitely give you more liberty when it comes to selecting the food items you’d like on your board, pleasing both the sweet tooth and the hearty eater.

  • For the Traditionalist.

Fret not if you feel like there is only a traditionalist inside of you! All this creativity does not have to stop! Creating a cheese platter or a charcuterie platter in itself is very thoughtful and it doesn’t have to have a certain color or theme for it to be appreciated. Just the idea that you’ve curated it is enough. If you are feeling less playful you can go for an all traditional cheese platter that will also harness all your effort and energy but will surely be equally enjoyed!

Who says Valentine’s Day celebrations need to be tacky? We hope we’ve given you a few tips on how to make them as elegant and classy as possible, Happy Valentine’s Day!