It’s officially summer time and wedding season is already in full swing! Celebrations and occasions to celebrate all our loved ones near and far here in the MENA region and all over the world are springing up every day and we couldn't be any happier. It's always marvelous when we get to share beautiful moments to cherish forever with our loved ones. The weather is beautiful and the flowers are everywhere and are proving to be lovely backdrops for beautiful setups for outdoor events everywhere.

Historically speaking, June and July have always had the trend of being the wedding months. It seems like people have always enjoyed organizing and planning events in nicer weather and it’s when most people who have children have some flexibility to make plans!

Interestingly enough, flowers being in full bloom have always held the symbolism of good fertility, prosperity and of course love, so it’s no surprise that they have linked the months of June and July to wedding parties.

At Dimlaj, we love aesthetics, and that includes full on setups of events, whether it is weddings, showers, gatherings or parties, a well-planned setup is always a feast for the eyes. It’s not always a super breeze to plan for a wedding but it’s worth it, all the fine tuning of the tiny little details, the details you never even knew existed, it’s all worth it! After all, you will only do this once and it’s the event that marks the beginning of you and your partner’s beautiful journey in life.

From all of us here at Dimlaj, our best wishes to the lucky couples around the world reading this!