Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better time of the year for us to show our love and appreciation to the women who are our backbones!

We at Dimlaj have asked a lot of moms about the sweetest gestures they’ve seen from their children on Mother’s Day throughout the years and we’ve compiled a feel-good list of the things we loved the most:

  • Mothers finding their children in the kitchen!

Liyan came to the kitchen to find her two children, 5 and 6 years old respectively, attempting to make her Turkish coffee in the kitchen! Even though it was a safety hazard she says, what with all the hot water and utensils, it was very sweet to see them wanting to do this for her because in their words their excuse was ‘mummy you look so happy when you drink it!’ Dina found an entire homemade dinner all set out after coming back from work last Mother’s Day, all courtesy of her 2 sons and daughter who are 15, 16 and 18 respectively. Dina also admitted that their cooking might have just been a bit better than hers!


  • Handmade Cards!

This is a classic! We’ve all made them as kids whether at school or at home and we see kids doing them nowadays as well! There is nothing sweeter than a handmade card because you feel like it’s so personalized, even when kids make them at school and there are probably 50 other kids who have more or less the same card but there’s always that special touch from each kid that most definitely makes each and every mom’s heart melt! One mother mentioned a sweet gesture that her husband did when her baby girl was still too young to make a card of her own and so he let all their other kids write on one huge card while they just put the youngest girl’s handprint with oil paint on the card, how cute is that?


  • Saving up their Allowances!

This was probably the favorite of all the mothers we interviewed, and for good reason! All moms agreed that seeing their children making the effort of saving up from their own allowances showed an aspect of selflessness and ability to sacrifice some of their own happiness in order to make someone else happy, and that showed them that they’re probably bringing up some kind individuals. Even when the gifts that the kids saved up for were very simple, they still appreciated them the most!