We’ve all been on lockdown for some time now and there is no telling yet how this will all go, we might actually stay on lockdown for a while. During these times it’s important for us to know how to stay safe, even inside our own homes.

One of the most important things to do now that we are actually allowed to go out on foot is social distancing. Sure this is something that is very alien to us and we are a people who love to show our affection by hugging and kissing but unfortunately, this is something that we must do without right now, for the safety of all of us and to prevent the spread of the virus.

Another very important thing is to not touch our faces while we’re outside and keep sanitizing our hands. Also, as soon as we’re back home we should wash our hands with soap for 20 seconds! Why 20 seconds you might ask? Well, soap has an alkaline feature which allows it to remove fat, this is why we use soap to clean grease off of dishes! Coincidentally enough, one of the coronavirus’s components is a fatty layer! So soap gets it to stop clinging onto your hands and in turn destroys it, yay soap! But the thing is, for this process to work, soap actually needs around 20 seconds to get to work that chemical reaction. So, the whole washing your hands with 20 seconds does have a reason, 20 seconds is not just a random number!

That being said, we should really all limit our going out to the streets even if it’s on foot and even if it’s allowed, because it is safer that way, for us and for everyone around us. Let’s just go out when it’s necessary.


Remember, we make it or break it together, let’s come out of this stronger together!