Moving into a new home can be a very exciting yet hectic experience. Whether you’re newly married and moving into your new home or just moving, there are a lot of details to consider. We’re giving you some tips that are probably not the most conventional but useful enough to make sure this experience goes as smoothly as possible, that you actually enjoy it and fall in love with your new home!


  • Decide on your home’s general décor

We cannot emphasize this enough. Deciding on your home’s general décor will help you make decisions a lot easier. The basic idea is that you are moving somewhere that you will presumably be staying in for a long time and so our pro tip for this is not going for a style that it only currently trending. This is your home. It’s not items of fashion that you will be replacing within a few months, this is somewhere you’re staying. It’s always tempting to go for what’s trending but unless you can afford refurbishing your entire home every few months, this is definitely not something we recommend. We suggest going for something that makes you comfortable and that you find aesthetically pleasing.


  • Don’t go for what you think you’re ‘supposed’ to do

Times have changed and we live in a different time, embrace living in the 21st century! There are certain elements in our homes that are usually taken for granted. Like what the general compartmentalization of the entire home should be like, what functions are needed, what items you should have and so on. However, when you come to think of it, a lot of things that used to be necessary in homes a long time ago are not needed now and there are certain things which the need for has come to exist. For example, some people opt for not having a room where they receive guests, seeing as there are fewer formalities and there’s no longer a need for a formal setting for their home. If the only people you host at your home are your friends you might decide that you can do that in your living room and you can use up the space that is supposedly set out for the ‘guests’ to be used for something entirely different.


  • Minimalize by mixing function with aesthetics

Since we’re already on the topic of living in the 21st century, we want to encourage you to minimalize, minimalize, minimalize! Having a cluttered home not only clutters your mind, but it’s also bad for the environment. One way to do this is to attempt having your functional items at home be equally aesthetic. For example, having a set of pretty glasses and mugs that are well designed set out will allow you to have items that you can both use and provide artistic and aesthetic scenery throughout your home. Another example is using furniture that you can also use for storage.


  • Make your home personal

The most important thing to remember when decorating your new home is that this is your own home where you will be spending so much time, you are not only looking at this place on the pages of a magazine. This means it’s important to remember that each and every detail you include is one that you will have to be seeing and living every day. So, no matter how much you’d love for things to be proper or pretty, remember that you must keep it personal and definitive of you.


Happy moving!