The Eyes Eat First
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The Eyes Eat First

They say that the eyes eat first. I am a firm believer in this. I believe the French have a very good understanding of this. Meals to them are considered sacred. How you lay out what you are going to eat on a table is just as important as how it is going to taste. Imagine coming come to a beautifully laid down table with a fancy tablecloth and table setting as opposed to coming home to an empty table with a pot filled with food.

Which are you more likely to choose? Which are you willing to spend time on? Which is going to make your mood so much better for the rest of the day? Which is going to make you want to sit down with your loved ones instead of eating in front of the television? Which is going to make you become a conversationalist? Which is going to give you space to make life? That’s it.

That’s the one you go for. This is why it’s completely worth spending an extra 30 minutes laying out all that tableware and cutlery and making that table absolutely beautiful. Because you are worth it and your life is worth it too because the eye eats first. It probably gives food to our souls…

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